Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Gunfight at Calton Creek

Time for another Wild West shoot out and a game of Fistful of Lead.  In this week's thrilling episode the villains have just robbed the bank and are escaping town laden with gold bars.  The Sheriff and his men have conveniently arrived at the other end of town, blocking their escape. 

Each marker is a gold bar, slowing the bandits down

But look...there's a convenient wagon...

For some unexplained reason Calton Creek is festooned with random wooden crates, providing convenient cover...

The gunfight was particularly bloody.  By the end of the game 4 out of 5 gunfighters on each side were lying wounded or dead with only 2 left standing.  As one was the Sheriff and mine was my least effective Greenhorn I decided to abandon the gold and run for it... sorry... hightail it out of town!

Grab the wagon!

I tried grabbing the wagon and getting a couple of gunfighters on board.  I'd worked out some ad hoc rules for stampeding horses and random movement, all of which proved  unnecessary when Andrew cruelly shot the horse and scuppered my plans.. PETA will be furious...

My Wild West town is now officially renamed Calton Creek in honour of the Glaswegian comic strip created by Bud Neill.  This was very popular in the Daily Record (a Glasgow newspaper) in the 50s and featured Sheriff Lobby Dosser and his arch enemy Rank Bajin.  Although it was set in Arizona all the characters were Glaswegian (Calton is in the East End of Glasgow) and a lot of the dialogue is very Glaswegian.

The strips have been republished and have a bit of a cult following.  It was well before my time but my dad was a big fan and always used to talk about it whenever a Western was on TV.

Lobby and his 2 legged horse El Fideldo

There's a statue of Lobby, Elfie and Rank Bajin in the West End of Glasgow