Friday, 14 June 2019

This year we're off to sunny Spain!

On Monday I have a game of Chain of Command lined up, which I haven't played for some time.  This is going to be a Spanish Civil War bash with the dastardly fascists taking on the brave heroes of the Republic (clearly I have no bias at all in this affair!).

In preparation for the game I've finally gotten round to painting this Peter Pig armoured car.  I've had it sitting around for at least a year and, for some reason, never actually painted it.  It is a Constructora Field A/C, also sometimes called a Barcelona or Camion Blindado 4 x 2 No.8 and was produced in Barcelona.

It's a great model from Peter Pig in resin although it has a really thick base moulded onto it.

It does have a strong resemblance to an Anarchist version of a  Hungry, Hungry Hippo...

Ive also made up some suitable Patrol Phase markers for the game...


  1. Fantastic that will help the Anarchists win the next encounter.

    1. I hope so...they'll need all the help they can't get!

  2. The Car does have an uncanny resemblance to a hippo doesn't it?

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