Sunday, 2 June 2019

Sunday painting - Burrows and Badgers

Back in April at Salute I finally gave in a picked up some of the Oathsworn Miniatures Burrows and Badgers figures along with a new set that Northumbrian Tin Soldier were launching based around characters from the Wind in the Willows.

This is an odd choice of figures which I'd been thinking about for ages.  looking at my group of gaming friends I cant see many being up for a woodland skirmish with squirrels and foxes but the figures are really nice and have a huge appeal. I eventually gave in and decided that, even if they don't see action in a game I quite fancied painting them up anyway.  The sculpts are all really lovely and a real pleasure to paint.  I can definitely see myself picking up more of these in the future.

The Weasels

The Riverbank 'good guys'

Some of the Oathsworn figures...a Hare,Squirrel, Hedgehog and Shrew

A very intimidating Hare

...and a very Scottish Hedgehog



An Oathsworn Squirrel Ranger


  1. Cracking job on then all 👍. I really enjoyed painting mine as well.

  2. These look great. I will be interested to see them in action. Would solo gaming be something that you would try?

  3. Cracking paintjobs on these. I must admit that I have been tempted to go disappear down this rabbit hole myself :)