Sunday, 15 April 2018

My Salute 2018

So, it's now  a day on from Salute and I've had a chance to upload the slightly random collection of photos that I took yesterday.  I spent today doing a round trip to Cardiff to drop my son back at uni , a 320 mile round trip, which hasn't done anything to ease the stiff legs from yesterday.

I posted some initial thoughts on my previous post and it's been interesting to see the number of other blogs that have also commented on the very poor lighting at Excel...hopefully the Warlords will take note and have a chat with the venue about whether this can be improved.  The alternative I guess is for traders to invest in lighting but I suspect this would be pretty costly, added to transport and travel costs etc.

Apart from the lighting, the venue also seemed noisier than usual...maybe I'm just getting old!  Despite my grumbles it was a great day out and huge thanks to the Warlords for all the work in pulling it all together.

Anyway, on with the photos. As usual there are lots of games that I missed or forgot to photograph. I usually start enthusiastically and then forget to take pictures half way round.  An honourable mention to the trio of games based around Lake Tanganyika by Peterborough Wargames Society.

A couple of shots from the 1st of 2 Zeebrugge raid games...this one as by Maidstone Wargames Society:

The Biscotti War: Garibaldini vs Bourbons 1860.  A Sharp Practice game (I think).  Sadly I missed who this was by:

Sink the Hornet by Warlord Games.  I think this was plugging their new WW2  air game Bloor Red Skies.  Although I enjoy air games (especially Bag the Hun), these haven't appealed for some reason.

Operation Taifun: the battle for Leros 1943.  This was a demo of the Battlegroup Torch rules.  Looked great...loved the seaplane:

A couple of shots of the latest Peter Pig demo game which is an update of their Western game:

Not sure what this was...looked good though:

The Warlords Dalek game:

Zero Hour: Amiens 1918 by Scarab Miniatures:

The other big Warlords game: a demo of the Sword and Spear rules

Raid at Gaskin's Plantation 1761:

Glory in the Halls of Montezuma by Ian Smith & Friends.  Superb looking game...loved the Ironclad:

The other Zeebrugge game, this time by the Naval Wargames Society:

Baggenstaket 13th August 1719: Stockholm by Dalaupprop: another stunning looking game:

Participation game of To0 Fat Lardies 'What a Tanker' game.  I haven't tried this yet although friends have given it a go with mixed reports:

It was interesting to see the University of Wolverhampton with a stand promoting their courses in Military History:

The WW1 tank...a little squat but very impressive:

Set ups of 4Grounds terrain.  As I'm beginning to put together stuff for a cowboy game these were interesting:

Blood and Bridges 1985:

A set up battle using Peter Dennis' paper soldiers.  I'd been mulling over whether or not to buy one of the books and this convinced me.  I picked up the Jacobite 1745  book as it's a period I've always quite fancied trying but wouldn't have ever shelled out for figures.  This seems like a good, low cost way to try it out...and it looked great.

Don't know what this was but it was nicely lit:

Darklands: the Desecrated Byzantii Temple apparently...

A couple of shots of the Fallout tabletop game that came out recently.  I'd had high hopes for this but it looks a lot less impressive than I'd hoped and the game was really pricey:

And lastly some of the Stormtroopers that wandered around.  I've never really understood re-enacting but I've always had a soft spot for Jawas...

And finally finally, my haul from the show.  (Erm...didn't you say something about not buying anything...)


  1. Thanks for all the pics - norm.

  2. It wasn't just you - I found it noisier than normal as well. I think that could be down to the layout and the large open spaces between blocks of traders.

    Nice pics of those games :)

  3. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  4. Great pics Alistair! There were some cracking looking games on show.

  5. Thanks for the pics! That cold war one looks like fun.

  6. Thanks for the pics and a nice loot haul!

  7. As ever, nice to see pictures of the games I missed.

  8. Nice pictures, thanks for posting them! I wish I could get down to Salute, but pictures like these make the pain of absence bearable!

  9. Great pictures thanks you for sharing this. One day i will visite salute, one day....

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