Saturday, 14 April 2018

Heading back from Salute...

I'm now thankfully sitting on a train at Victoria, heading back home after a long day at Salute.  I'll post the obligatory photos in the next couple of days but here are some initial thoughts.

The show itself was as good as ever.  There were an impressive range of games on display and most seemed to be making an effort to engage with the punters.  It was interesting to see several games obviously aimed at younger children and families and these seemed really popular.

I'd planned on not buying anything and, of course, failed spectacularly.  I picked up several buildings from TT Combat and after a bit of hesitation a copy of Test of Honour from Warlord games (heavily discounted at one of the stands).  I also bought a copy of one of the Peter Dennis paper soldiers books after seeing a demo game.

At 12.30 we had the now traditional Bloggers get together and it good to see some old and new faces.  There were several photos taken which will no doubt surface in the next day or so...mainly featuring a group of middle aged men desperately holding in their stomachs!

The negatives were the usual ones of an unforgiving floor and really poor lighting.  This seemed especially bad this year, unless my eyes are getting worse.  There must be something the Warlords could do about this as I wasn't the only one to comment on it.

The show didn't clash with registration for the London Marathon this year which meant the cafes and central seating areas at Excel were noticeably quieter and I was able to sit down for a while with my annual salt beef bagel and try to avoid catching the eye of the wandering Stormtroopers and a solitary Jawa (I've never got re-enacting...)

All in all an excellent day out although my feet are paying the price for it now.  Sadly there' s no rest tomorrow as I have to run my son back to uni at Cardiff.


  1. "...mainly featuring a group of middle aged men desperately holding in their stomachs" and one young lady! :)

    The lighting did seem worse than normal.

    1. erm...I was assuming you didn't have The same overweight tummy to hold in (he said, desperately trying to dig himself out of a hole...) 😁

    2. Give me a year or two and my tummy will be getting there! ;)

  2. I enjoyed this year's short trip rather more than last year's longer trip. Might try to do some painting tomorrow!

  3. Glad you had a good time. I will make it down one year.