Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 and all that.....

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TheGlasgowStory: A Regular Row...Coloured cartoon from the Northern Looking Glass
 9 January 1826, the fifth in a series of cartoons depicting events in Glasgow at Hogmanay

So Happy Hogmanay and a Guid New Year to ane and aw, etc, etc.  That's it done for another year.  This year we had xmas in Glasgow but came back down south before Hogmanay and had a quiet evening with just the 2 of us.  To be honest I've never been a fan of New Year so I was quite happy to see it in with a glass of Laphroaig (or 2) and then to bed.

This is the obligatory look back at last year and thoughts about 2017 post.

Looking at my posts over 2016 I found that I'd made 40 posts which surprised me as I thought I'd been much more lazy about posting.  My gaming was mainly split between the club at Guildford and the more local attractions of Eric the Shed' s gaming emporium.  Games played have, as usual been really varied ranging from a bit of Frostgrave at the beginning of the year, quite a bit of Bolt Action (usually with a VBCW theme), sadly only a single game of Congo, a variety of Star Wars themed games including Rebellion, Imperial Assault and skirmish tabletop games (still trying to find the ideal set of rules for this), Black Powder (mainly involving Eric the Shed's fantastic Zulu collection) and other odds and sods.

2017?  Well I've learned not to make any definite plans as I know I'm far too easily distracted.  I'm due to play at least a couple of games of Conan in January and I suspect that will prompt me to paint some more of the figures.  Painting-wise I really want to do more on a couple of things I'd started last year but which didn't progress very far.  These are the 54mm Afghan Wars figures and the 20mm Aztecs and Conquistadors.  Having played a couple of games of The Men Who Would be Kings I think these could be worth looking at for the Afghan project.

I'd also quite like to revisit a trio  of languishing periods, all in 6mm... I have Franco-Prussian, Zulu and Cold War armies which have been unplayed for a few years and it would be good to get these out and take stock of where they're all at and maybe even manage a game or 2 with them.

Oh...and Congo...must do more with this...

Finally there are a couple of Kickstarters due soon which will no doubt divert me.  One is a bundle of scenarios and storage options for the excellent Heroes of Normandie board game.  The 2nd is the Battle of Britain boardgame from the Plastic Soldier Company...this is due in Feb theoretically but there has been a distinct lack of info on progress.  I'm pretty sure it will be delivered but I'm not convinced about them meeting their target date.

I have one more Kickstarter in the pipeline which is a paint storage system from War Mage games in Germany which should at least help me organise my paints a bit better...currently they're jumbled in a storage box and need a decent sort out

So a vague plan which I'm pretty sure will fall apart at the first sign of something new....

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