Wednesday, 2 December 2015

More Frostgrave stuff...

Yet another addition to the Frostgrave pile! (...because the pile of unpainted stuff just wasn't big enough...)

Image result for frostgrave cards

I saw on Facebook that Annie at Bad Squiddo Games had some sets of the Frostgrave Spell Cards which looked like a useful addition to the game.  I'd meant to order these as part of the Nickstarter deal recently but forgot to add them. 

Image result for frostgrave cards

Although they aren't really necessary I think they might save some flipping through the rule book checking on spell effects at crucial moments.  I also picked up a Summoner and Apprentice set, just because.....

Image result for frostgrave summoner


  1. Nice, Seen a custom spell deck done as well as an official when. Handy tool to have.

  2. Those cards look different to the 'official ones' I got from Northstar

    You must come round soon and have a game