Monday, 14 December 2015

Heroes of Normandie - D Day

This week we played through scenario number 2 from the Heroes of Normandie D Day.  The scenarios link into a 3 part campaign: we'd played number 1 a few weeks ago which was a US assault on an observation bunker which nearly succeeded but failed with the last move of the game.

This scenario ('Cut') involved the first wave ashore tasked with breaching the barbed wire defences with Combat Engineers and Bangalore torpedoes.  It looked like a very daunting scenario for the US especially when the German mortar arrived but thanks to the smart use of bonus moves by Anthony playing the US engineers,  they were able to breach the 6 barbed wire hexes needed and claim the victory...bugger!  This means that in the final scenario...cheerily titled 'Bloodbath'...the barbed wire will be cleared but at least I'll have the use of artillery as a result of winning round 1.

I know I keep saying this but HoN  really is a great game.  I really like the mini-campaign idea which makes the results of each scenario a bit more important.   There's a Kickstarter currently running for HoN which will put together a compendium of rules and info as well as some new terrain packs and storage boxes etc.  The good news is it offers a really good deal but the bad news is it won't deliver till September 16!  Needless to say I signed up.  The Kickstarter only has 3 days left to run and can be found here

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  1. Heroes of Normandie has been on the wishlist for a while...