Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Scales of Anubis #2

Down at Eric's Shed we played out the 2nd part of his excellent Pulp campaign this week. A full report can be found here which gives a feel for the level of background research and planning that Eric has put into this, as well as the fantastic terrain and setting.

Following the last episode set in Egypt, the action moved to South/Central America with a huge Meso-American temple dominating one end of the table and a village complete with church and cantina at the other.  A full account of the action can be found at the Shed Wars blog but sadly once again the all-American hero leading the CIA bit the dust and we'll need to come up with another suitable name...we're running out of US states to name him after in true Indiana Jones style!  As before the game went down to the wire with a 3 way brawl to seize the next piece of treasure at the climax of the evening.

Here are a few photos showing some of the fantastic terrain.

The brave operatives of the CIA

The evil Nazis capture the archeological site and a vital plot point


  1. That table must be such a blast to play on, it just looks fantastic.

  2. Thanks for taking part Alastair...looks like you had fun

  3. Very impressive. Really nice terrain makes all the difference to a game.

  4. The terrain (and the game) was outstanding...if you haven't been by to have a look I'd highly recommend Eric's blog for all sorts of inspiration...