Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Crash!!! And some pulp action...

This week started off with a bit of a disaster... twice!  Since I was taking part in the fantastic Pulp campaign laid on by Eric the Shed I had ventured up into the loft to look out some figures for my faction (and to look out a suitcase for my son who is now away for a week on tour in Berlin).  Of course the box I needed was at the bottom of the pile so I had to rearrange the stack of box files and Really Useful boxes and while I was rummaging through my Back of Beyond figures I heard a sickening crash from the top landing as a boxful of 28mm Vikings and Saxons slid out of the loft hatch, hit the landing and bounced all the way downstairs!!
My son sprang into action and helpfully rounded up the figures which were now strewn all over the stairs and bedrooms.  Once he'd decided it was safe for me to come down without standing on them I descended and viewed the carnage...actually it wasn't too bad...a few swords broken off and one figure snapped off at the ankles but all looked fairly repairable. Thank goodness for plastics!!  The worst damage was to a resin pigsty which had a few bits broken off and one bit of fence damaged but again this looked not too bad. 
I boxed everything back up and made my way back up the ladder...just as I got to the hatch the box slipped from my fingers and, in slow motion, repeated the spectacular bounce of doom!!!  I ended up chucking everything back in the box and into the loft before any more disasters occurred.  When I'm feeling brave enough I'll risk peeking inside the box.
So onto the Pulpy goodness at the Shed.  The background can be found here.  Eric's tables are normally pretty spectacular but this one really surpassed past efforts...my photos don't really do it justice and I'm sure there will be more photos on Eric's blog. 
I was one of 5 factions trying to find part of mystical Egyptian artifacts....suffice to say it didn't go well!  Kansas Jack, leader of the Chicago Institute of Antiquities (CIA) was sandwiched between a rather militant Vatican faction and some evil Nazis (boo!) and definitely came off badly.  Oh well...perhaps I can redeem myself in the next episode!
The 'CIA'
A passing film crew happened to be on the scene to capture the action.

Kansas Jack faces down the Nazis and protects an injured 'dame'

oops...that went badly...so much for being a hero!

Some locals working on an excavation

Kansas Jack's sidekick legs it down an alley way trying to escape the pursuing Nazis.



  1. Just reading the first couple of paragraphs I had my hand in my mouth - a tragedy! I do hope that they are not damaged beyond repair.

    1. Somehow I got away lightly twice! A few minor repairs will be needed but it could have been so much worse!

  2. This game sounds absolutely brilliant. Mr Shed certainly puts on the most amazing games!

    I also make regular trips up and down the ladder to the Really Useful Boxes full of gaming stuff in my loft but I shall be more careful after reading about your accidents! Hope the damage is not much worse than the first time!

  3. Hi Alastair

    Glad you had fun on Monday...the blog has been updated ! Hope you don't mind but I added a link to your post.


  4. I feel your pain, did the same thing with my Dux B armies, once was enough.

    Great adventure and beautiful terrain, I'm jealous.

  5. Eeek! Flying Vikings! Not good. I agree that this layout was his best ever!