Saturday, 11 October 2014

Tweet tweet

Henry Hyde over at Miniature Wargames withe Battlegames magazine has been championing the cause of Twitter of the last couple of issues.  Now Twitter was something that I really didn't get at all...I do Facebook, I blog, but couldn't see the point of tweets!

But, as an experiment I set up an account and have joined the Twitterati and I have to say it's actually been quite interesting....tweets seem to range from the mundane to the really interesting and like most things I guess it's down to picking who and what you follow carefully.

Anyway, if anyone feels like joining in, I can be found at @alastairtweet.

See you there!!


  1. Ha Ha! I have just posted an anti-twitter rant on my blog!

    1. I saw that... Great (but opposite) minds.....