Thursday, 9 October 2014

"Shuttle Tydirium, what is your cargo and destination?"

I have a game of X Wing coming up in a week or so in which the Imperial navy will be carrying out a policing action against the very impressive Rebel Transport which is being fielded by Andrew.

I decided the Imperials could do with a bit of a boost and then discovered that my local Waterstones had a few of the FFG ships in stock and before I knew it an Imperial Shuttle had made its way home with me!

The Shuttle isn't exactly a dog fighting star but I reckon it won't have to be against the Transport... not sure about all the fighters that will doubtless be escorting it though.

The Shuttle's strength is in the number of upgrades it can have, many of which benefit the other ships in the squadron so it acts as a flying command centre, as well as toting a few powerful guns.

It's also a really nice model... I'd heard there had been some issues with the wings not deploying fully but they seemed fine to me.

Of course if Andrew reads this my secret weapon is going to be revealed a little early.....

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