Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sunday round up

So that's the Aztecs and Conquistadors finally re-based and completed...well, I say completed...

I came across an unopened box of Aztecs while sorting them out so I'll paint up some of these as extras for the Aztecs and allies for the Spanish.  Nice to kind of finish a project though!

I've also been busy selling off stuff that has been lying in the loft for years.  It's one of those jobs that I've been meaning to do for ages but now that I've started it's been quite fun watching the eBay counters ticking round as bids arrive (usually).  It's been interesting to see what items sell and what are unloved.  Making a bit of cash is a nice bonus although that only holds water if no one asks how much I paid for the items in the first place. 

The other danger is that I find things in the selling pile and then decide that actually I'd rather keep them.  I nearly didn't post a set of Warlord Games Romans and Celts which I bought and painted when hard plastics first came on the market...they've never actually seen a game but once I opened up the box I immediately started thinking about keeping them and, of course, I'd need to add some more figures!  Good sense prevailed though and they were quickly photographed and wrapped in bubble wrap and have gone off to new homes where hopefully they'll get some use.  I did weaken though when I came across some 15mm Marlburian figures...I was going to sell these (remnants of a club project that never got off the ground I think) but then remembered that I'd  enjoyed researching and painting the various regiments so they've been put aside and spared trial by eBay. 

Gaming-wise I took part in an excellent and rather bloody Pike and Shotte ECW game at Eric the Shed's earlier in the week in which he'd decided to extend his already huge table to just under 20'.  Although the table has always seemed more than big enough this did mean that even with 5 of us playing, there was plenty of room for manoeuvre...or lack of manoeuvre in my case as I repeatedly failed to get my forces moving for several turns. This actually proved a blessing in the end as it meant that my opponent had moved away, responding to the carnage in the centre of the table and allowing me to get into a decent position relatively undisturbed and eventually win my bit of the battle at least...great fun!


  1. Big clear outs are quite a liberating experience...until you get all excited about something again and end up buying things you've sold for much more than you got for them!

    1. Too true...I don't often look at eBay and of course now that I'm logging on regularly I'm spotting all sorts of things that I *really* need...

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