Thursday, 30 March 2017

Saga three ways

A visit to Eric the Shed's place this week for a game of Saga...something I haven't played for several years.  I've played quite a few games in the past when it was a new and shiney thing but not for a few years...people at the club seemed to find it a bit 'gamey' which it is I guess.

I was even tempted into digging out my Vikings from the loft...they were banished there after falling out of the loft hatch and bouncing down the stairs not once, but twice in the space of 10 minutes!  After the second crash I couldn't bear to look in the box to see how bad the damage was so they've languished upstairs since then.

Actually the damage wasn't too bad...a few broken spears and arms and one figure who had snapped off at the ankles but mostly they were surprisingly intact.  Gripping Beast plastics are surprisingly durable!

Eric had set up a 3 way game which set 2 bands of  rival Viking raiders against some Anglo-Danes defending a hill-top church.  Initially the Danes looked hard pressed as both groups of Vikings converged on the hill although my initial attack went badly, losing a unit of Bondi completely and taking a hit on my elite Hearthguard.  This did manage to take out his archers but it was too costly an attack.

My Vikings are in the centre...Warband #2 arrived by sea from the left

The Danes gather around the church

Viking raiders #1

On my left flank I was nervously eyeing up the other Viking band who were pressing the Danes back but I was convinced it was only a matter of time before they turned on me.  My nerve gave out first and my archers turned on the rival Vikings, peppering a unit of Bondi and I followed this up with a charge from my spearman.   Of course this prompted a pretty violent response from the Vikings who unleashed their own attacks leaving both of us weakened and pretty much handing the game to the Danes.  They completed the victory by finally charging off the hill and killing my Warlord....that's what I get for impatience and paranoia!!!

Ready to drive off the Anglo-Danish archers

It took a little while for the nuances of Saga to come back to me but it's a great game and it was nice to get out a long neglected army.

Like all raiding Vikings we were well supplied with rations foraged from the enemy....

Authentic Viking raiding supplies


  1. A nice report with some lovely minis and scenery. I feel your loft hatch pain, that's happened to me a time or two.

  2. Lovely set-up and figs! Really must give SAGA a go!

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