Tuesday, 21 March 2017

More Re-basing

More re-basing...it's quite therapeutic once you get into a routine!  Strip the figure off the old base and glue it to the next...add some Vallejo textured basing stuff, give the figures an Army painter dip, add some flock... and repeat...

 I've now re-based around a 125 Aztecs and 40-odd Spanish. I'm finishing off the remaining 20 Aztecs and that will leave another 44 Spanish....phew.  I've also discovered a couple of new boxes of unpainted Aztecs that I must have bought somewhere.  Although I already have lots of Aztecs I'll probably add a few more as Tlaxcalan allies for the Spanish

I spotted that the last issue of Wargames Illustrated has an adaptation of Congo for a South American setting and this includes cards etc for Conquistadors so I think an expedition to El Dorado might be on the cards!

The next batch of Conquistadors

A Jaguar Knight

The Aztecs so far...


  1. Looking good, I have to day that I rather enjoy rebasing too, breathing new life into areas of the collection I haven't visited for a while.

  2. That's a lot of rebasing! Looking good!