Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Loot from Salute!

Yes, I know I'm a week and a bit too early!

I was tidying up the dining room last week and in the dark recesses of the corner came across this lot...

To be precise they are 8 Peter Pig 1:600 Ironclads that I bought at Salute last year and immediately lost!  I've been hunting for them on and off since last April and had been resigned to the fact that they were either somewhere in the depths of our loft or had been accidentally thrown out.  Somehow they'd fallen off the dining room table which doubles as my modelling/painting workstation  much to my wife's disapproval, and had been buried under some old coats in the corner.  Now all I need to do is get round to painting them!!!


  1. I bought a sideload of these at Warfare a couple of years ago but know exactly where they are...which says a lot about my snail like progress. Lovely models!

  2. Ha Brilliant. At least you found them prior to Salute. It would of been more annoying if you had bought a second set then found the first!

    1. I have to confess I bought a few extra ships from EBay but to be honest I'd probably have done that anyway!

  3. Ha ha! Funny! I've been tidying my study and finding all sorts of stuff I didn't even remember buying!