Thursday, 16 April 2015

Battlegroup Blitzkrieg

At the moment I'm having a forced tightening of the purse strings due to some work-related shenanigans (long story...don't ask, but Salute is going to be window shopping only this year!).  So it was a nice surprise today when the Postie delivered the new supplement for the Battlegroup series of rules,  Battlegroup Blitzkrieg, by Piers Brand and Warwick Kinrade.

As the title suggests this focuses on the Early War in Western Europe with info on Polish, French, Belgian and BEF armies (oh,  and German Panzer and Infantry divisions since it would be a bit pointless without them! )  The book has 3 scenarios for Poland and 6 for France as well as painting guides and organisation charts etc for all forces.

I'd pre-ordered from Plastic Soldier Company and included for the first 500 orders were a free pdf of the main  rules as well as a draw for PSC goodies.  I was also sent a plastic tank of some sort (I haven't looked closely at it yet but I'm pretty sure it want the Sdkfz 251 that they were meant to be including!).'s a Panzer III.

The book, as you'd expect is a very,  very nice thing. ..well laid out,  with excellent photos etc and weighs in at 180 pages plus assorted quick play sheets etc.

I haven't had much of a chance to read through it but I'm now going to be sitting in the car waiting for my son while he's at a singing lesson so I'll have plenty of time to get browsing!


  1. Well you have it before me... first time I have seen the book!

  2. And a very nice thing it is too!!

  3. Like you purse strings have been drawn tight this year so I cleared a great deal of stuff out of the shed and onto ebay...£300 later I have some funds for a big spree.

    It is amazing what went and for how much. Dare I say it that I quite possibly made a small profit out of the proceeds.

    I'll look out for you up at the excel centre