Sunday, 25 October 2020

Lord Callan: a Billhooks Commander

 A couple of weeks ago Wargames Illustrated ran a competition on their Facebook page and on the Never Mind the Billhooks page.  The prize was the latest Giants in Miniature figure... a Wars of the Roses noble titled 'Lord Callan' after Andy Callan, author of NMTB and many other rules.  I was tagged in the competition by Eric the Shed and bizarrely my name came up in the draw!

The figure arrived the day after I was told I'd won and is now set to lead my army to glorious victory (or at least to scrape a win... just one...please...).  It's a lovely figure and brilliantly painted...the only drawback is he'll show up the rest of my figures!

If you have an interest in NMTB or the Wars of the Roses, the Facebook page is well worth a visit.  There's a really active and supportive community full of ideas and suggestions and it's a great source of clarifications and ideas from Andy Callan as well.