Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Last year I was mostly...

I promised the traditional pre/post Hogmanay review of the year and before 2019 gets too old here we go...


This year I managed 41 post, 3 fewer than last year but still a respectable number.  A few new followers have tagged along (thank you very much!!) and my post views have been modest but, again, respectable.  Building a global audience was never really the plan so I'm happy with modest.  Like last year posts about boardgames always seem to attract a lot of views, and these, along with posts on 54mm gaming have definitely been the highest (apart from Salute which is always a popular topic)


So Spring saw a lot of work on my 54mm North West Frontier figures which finally saw several games at Eric the Shed's and at Guildford.  They also had an outing at the excellent Little Wars Revisited 54mm Games day in Woking.  There is another of these being planned for 2019...details can be found here

After Salute I discovered the brilliant 'Battle for Britain' series of books by Peter Dennis which allow you to print and cut out paper soldiers from a range of periods.  I produced loads of Government soldiers for the Jacobite period but haven't started on the Jacobites themselves although I printed out a couple of sheets yesterday so this can be a project for dark winter days.

A lot of my gaming is at Eric the Shed's and a project amongst that group has been a VBCW campaign.  This prompted the painting up of a contingent of miners and football players as well as some regulars who took part in a few games at the shed.  I'm lucky enough to get regular games with Eric's great collection of armies so there has been a lot of Black Powder and Pike and Shotte as well.

I managed to complete a load of Test of Honour Samurai figures and these were fielded at my other regular gaming spot with my friend Andrew.  I've largely neglected the Guildford club this year, apart from an uncompleted Chain of Command campaign and a game of Blood Red Skies: this is mainly down to the practicalities of getting there on time and bagging a table.  Circumstances at home meant this wasn't so easy to do, but I am determined to make a better effort to get along there on some Mondays in 2019.

Boardgames have also figured large this year with a lot of games at Eric's (especially Zombicide) and Battle of Britain which arrived after a prolonged Kickstarter wait.

Looking back it's been a really busy year, gaming-wise.  I've impressed myself with actually completing (I say 'completing'....nothing's ever 'complete!!) a number of projects and being a lot more focused than usual.  Will it last in 2019?? My next post will be a Planning for 2019 extravaganza!

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  1. Nice one Alastair, being focused is good. The word "complete" doesn't fit anywhere in my vocabulary, just don't mention the decorating to the Mrs!