Friday, 27 July 2018

A Very British Civil War...

A couple of years ago I took part in a VBCW campaign which was played over a couple of nights via Google Maps and Skype which made for an interesting experience.  John, who organised that event, is putting on another campaign although this is going to be more of a traditional turn based Kriegspiel rather than the real-time events of the last one.

The players have all been putting together their factions on paper and it was too tempting not to base mine around my VBCW miners which I've had for a couple of years but which have never actually seen a game.

My original miners from Ironclad have been added to with some lovely figures from Sloppy Jalopy, pictured here complete with their Trade Union banner.  They're about to reinforced with a squad of Cameronians (also based in Lanarkshire in the 30s) and the Hamilton Academicals team armed with Rifles and a Lewis gun.  I've also been cannibalizing some Back of Beyond Russians which had been destined for eBay to add as 'advisors'.

Although the Campaign is likely to be map based, it's been a good motivator for us all to put our figures together and there is the possibility of some of the encounters being fought out on the Tabletop. With this in mind we had a large VBCW game at Eric the Shed's on Monday.  The game pitted the brave Socialist heroes of my miners, the postal workers union and some Cornish Fishermen against the BUF, Royalists and (randomly) the AA.

It was a confused and bloody be honest I'm not entirely sure what happened at the other end of the table but my miners and the AA fought each other to a stand still.  It was all going well until I realised my allies had all run away!

The Miners arrive in style in their Coal Lorry.

"Edward VIII, Edward VIII, Edward VIII...out, out, out!"

When we first arrived at the Shed we found this secret fascist weapon lurking under the bridge...eeek!!!


  1. That reminds me I need to finish my Hamilton/Lanarkshire forces

  2. Fascist weapon indeed! Cool looking game.

  3. 'Fascist weapon'? More like a 1930s take on Alien or Predator!! it's going to eat you all....

  4. They look great. Just like a typical socialist rabble!