Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Aldi bargains!

I popped into my local Aldi this afternoon and in amongst the usual bizarre range of gym equipment, horse blankets and cat baskets that fill the Central aisle I found several handy craft tool kits at the bargain price of £5.99 each.  I'm usually baffled by the assortment of tools that Aldo idea of DIY is to get a wee man in to do the work for me but these all look useful.

I picked up a hobby knife set (including 26 assorted blades and a pair of tweezers), a hand drill set with a wide range of bits and a needle file set with 6 flavours of file.  They also had a mini-saw kit but I didn't pick that up.

I've had a similar knife set from Aldi  which I acquired a few years ago...the blades can be a bit flimsy and have a habit of snapping off under too much pressure but at that price they are easily replaceable and there is a great selection of sizes and shapes.

If this follows the usual Aldi pattern then the special offers are due to change tomorrow but there will probably still be some sitting on the shelves for a few weeks.


  1. Hmm? I feel a shopping trip coming on?

  2. I love Aldi its always a mystery what one will find.

  3. Ooo will have to look out for the needle file set. Mine could do with replacing.