Thursday, 21 December 2017

Forager has arrived

Back in October I signed up for another Kickstarter...this time for the Napoleonic skirmish rules, Forager.  Most Kickstarters I've funded have taken months and months to arrive so it was a pleasant surprise to see this one developed and produced dead on schedule and,  even better, Stand To Games managed to get it posted out in time for Xmas!

The rules are very much small scale skirmish with a lot of characterisation via skills and traits allocated to figures.  I haven't had a proper read through yet... tomorrow I'm off to Glasgow to visit family for Xmas so I figured having some handy reading material might be useful!  The book itself is very nicely produced with a sensible spiral binding and very hefty paper thickness which makes it feel very substantial indeed!

The Kickstarter included some British and French light infantry and El Cuchillo, the Spanish guerrilla leader figure.  There are also some additional Spanish figures which will ship in the New Year.  I didn't sign up for the Add-ons which included Portuguese Cacadores and markers.  The figures are very nice...chunky and a bit exaggerated but very full of character which is ideal for a game like this.

British infantryman

...and alongside his French counterpart

British officer

El Cuchillo
I'm hoping these will make for some good 'Sharpe' style games but I've also been thinking about how adaptable they might be for other periods...especially for the North West Frontier.

I'll post a more in depth review once I've had a chance to read the rules properly.


  1. I haven't had a chance to read mine yet either. really not sure about the figures, though!

  2. I quite liked the figures...a bit quirky but they look like they should paint up ok (if I ever get into gear and start painting)