Monday, 23 October 2017

Back from SELWG

So, as usual  I made my way into the wilds of Crystal Palace yesterday to SELWG. This is only about 10 miles from home so easily the closest show to me.  It's a pretty big event with a fair number of traders and games on show.  I found there were a few traders I would normally have expected were not there this year.  This seems to happen more and more...I think the costs of transport and time vs sales isn't always a great option for some traders.  Most seemed pretty busy although every time I passed the large Foundry stand (in the top centre of the photo above) they always seemed really empty.

Anyway, onto the photos.  As usual I forgot to note details of half the games so I've filled in the details where I could from other people's blogs or FB posts but there are a few that escaped me...apologies to the organisers of those games.  As always most games were excellent with people keen to engage the passing punters and explain what was happening.  As always too, there were a couple that seemed to resemble a club night game with no contact with passers by.   I've never understood this...if you've gone to all the trouble of planning the game, making the terrain, painting the figures and lugging it all the way to the show, why not talk to people about what you've done??!

Shepway Wargames - Brittania 417AD

Something ACW...sorry...

South London Warlords Dalek game

Deal Wargames Club...Poland '39

Excellent Chain of Command game by Gravesend Wargames Club (I think)...fantastic detail

Demo of  the forthcoming Fallout game

The ACW game again...still can't remember who it was...

Peter Pig demo of their revised SCW rules Bayonet and Ideology

Newbury & Reading - Battle of Stoke Field

Sharp Practice game...Mexican/Texan??

And what did I buy....?

Well, a couple go posts ago I mentioned that I had a kind of plan and I pretty much stuck to it (...I know...not my usual result!).

I picked up a few packs of WW2 French troops from Peter Pig for a forthcoming Chain of Command a friend and I are planning...they're going to masquerade as Belgians.  I also picked up one of the new Peter Pig SCW armoured cars just because.   The rest of my plan has been to need up some existing projects that are at the 'just enough' stage so I picked up Napoleonic cavalry from Perry for Sharp Practice and some Samurai figures and a building for Ronin.  The  figures are actually from the Warlord Test of Honour game and I debated getting the starter set instead as it's pretty good value, but in the end I decided I don't really need to buy into yet another game system.  Finally I bought a Wild West building from 4Ground.  I don't have anything else for this period but it's a slow-burning idea so I figured a building might be a start (probably the start of a slippery slope!)...


  1. Great haul...and thanks for the photos. Its a shame I couldn't make it this year

  2. That's a show I have never been to, as it usually clashes with something or other. I really should go next time!

  3. Great photos. I used to enjoy this show when I lived in SW London.

  4. Lots of great looking games...and a nice haul! Looks like a top day!

  5. Nice report, thanks for posting it!

  6. Great pics Alistair, and great to have a quick chat too! BTW the ACW game was run by Eastbourne wargames club.