Friday, 21 July 2017

Boardgames update

One advantage of having my son home for the summer, apart from having someone to do some of the dog walks and the washing up (oh, and the pleasure of his company of course!!!!) has been the chance to play a few board games.

He was keen to try out  Star Wars: Rebellion and we've played a couple of games of this.  In game #1 (which to be fair was pretty much a chance for him to get to grips with the rules) he played the Empire and we then switched sides for game #2.  Incidentally this was the first time I've actually played the game as the Empire.  In both cases the Rebels won although we both had to rapidly relocate the secret Base as the Stormtroopers closed in.  It's an interesting game in that both sides have very different tactics and the use of named characters makes it very 'cinematic, even if some of them are a bit obscure.  There's something very satisfying about sending Grand Moff Tarkin in off on a mission or capturing Princess Leia.

We've also played a game of Conan which I think he was less than impressed by.  Partly this was my fault as we were playing a scenario in which various baddies begin the game in huts (In the Clutches of the Picts).

I had assumed that they wouldn't be deployed until they were spotted which made the game extremely challenging for the Heroes (by which I mean pretty impossible!) as there is a time limit.  In fact they all should have been deployed from the start apart from the Princess who is there to be fault!

The other challenge with the game is the badly written and laid out rulebook...I'd forgotten how inept these are but things improved once I went over to the online updates rulebook which I'd downloaded to my Kindle.  Hard copies of the rules are due to be sent out to Kickstarter survivors soon (hopefully).  I'm not sure he was that impressed with the game...we may give it another go but I think it may be another round of Twilight Struggle instead, which he is much better than me at!!!


  1. Impressive miniatures. Pity about the rules.

  2. The revised rules are better...or at least they make a lot more sense!

  3. The revised rules are better...or at least they make a lot more sense!

  4. Very nice looking critter. Yeah Its a shame some games don't get translated so well. We had similar issues with the batman game sort of spanglish explanations for some rules make it a bit more complicated at times.