Sunday, 28 May 2017

NWF progress

Steady work this week on the North West Frontier figures.... cavalry support for the British and the Afghans.  I've now started on a second cavalry unit and extra infantry for the Afghans (I figure they'll need them!) and some Highlanders

Later in the week I should finally get to try out Sharp Practice's been quite a while since I played the 1st edition so I'm not sure I'll actually notice the changes although Deployment seems to be the biggest change.

I also finally managed to get round to watching the first couple of episodes of 'American Gods' which I've been looking forward far it's been pretty faithful to the books and very good indeed.  I also watched the first series of Black Sails which took a little while to grow on me (the first couple of episodes are very slow indeed) but is fun in trashy pirate sort of way.


  1. Black Sails gets a lot better, American Gods is ok and growing on me. As far as I remember it's pretty faithful to the book. Very nice figures!

  2. I have been tiny bit familiar of this your broadcast provided bright clear concept...