Monday, 21 November 2016

Dodgy boilers, games and Conan

It's been a chilly week or so since our boiler decided to spring a leak a  couple of weeks ago. I'm no expert but I guessed that having water dripping out of the bottom of the boiler probably wasn't a good thing.   Luckily we're insured for this kind of domestic disaster, since I have no practical skills whatsoever, and an engineer duly came out and diagnosed perished washers.  He then helpfully turned the heating off.  To be fair the thought of water dripping its way through the electrics had worried me a bit and it was a relatively mild couple of days till the next engineer was due back armed with a packet of washers.  Of course it wasn't the same one as before and he immediately diagnosed a different set of problems including a new pump... and  a few more days delay.

This coincided with the weather turning a bit colder and the arrival of Storm Angus.  I'm not convinced by this new thing of naming every breezy day although  did like the approach they took in Scotland a few years ago where they ignored the official name and renamed it "Hurricane Bawbag" (it's a Scottish thing....)

Image result for hurricane bawbag

We even resorted to lighting the coal fire and discovered that one of our dogs turns into a quivering wreck when he sees the flames.  The other dog lies in front of it looking quietly smug about hogging all the heat.  We also had a night away visiting our son in Cardiff and stayed in a hotel near Bristol.  I've never been so glad to see a bathroom with a real, live, working shower and bath!!!

The 3rd engineer turned up today and, after a bit of sighing and swearing when he found more leaks than expected eventually managed to stem the floods and get it working again.  It's amazing how reliant we are on the assumption that when we turn the tap on hot water will come out of it!

I took part in a large multi-player game of Memoir 44 down at Guildford a week or so ago.  This was the Sword of Stalingrad set which allows multiple players and a CinC on each side who doles out the precious order cards.  The Soviets are further hampered by having to plan their orders a turn in advance to reflect the helpful meddling of Commissars.  Despite the Germans having a good start and making early gains the Soviets proved tough to dig out of the built up areas and it ended as a narrow German victory (or a close draw according to some of the Soviet players!)

I also managed a game of   Star Trek Ascendancy, the strategic game in the ST universe which sets the Federation, Klingons and Romulans exploring and colonising planets before eventually bumping into each other and either learning to live in peace and harmony or kicking off in a blaze of photon torpedoes and disruptors.  It was a fun game although it took me a few turns to work out what I was doing.  Luckily the other players had played before so kindly coaxed me through the first couple of turns.  The nature of the game also means that it takes a few turns before players encounter each other, giving me a chance to sort of work out what I was doing.  It was a fun game that seems easy to pick up but with quite a bit of depth in the tactics.

I've also finally started painting some of the Conan figures from the recent Kickstarter.  There are 2 big boxes of figures which is quite daunting but I decided that I would aim to paint the main heroes and villains and leave the minions unpainted for now.  I may get round them or alternatively give them an ink wash and leave them as they are.  On first glance some of the figures look a bit lacking in detail when they're straight out of the box but undercoating seems to bring out a lot of detail and the figures are very nice to paint.  I undercoated these in brown  and they're pretty much done.  I'm still undecided what to do with the bases.  The game is played on a series of gridded tiles which feature a lot of brown terrain and I think adding flock and tufts etc to the bases would look a bit odd on  a 2d surface so I may just leave them brown.


  1. Good to see some Conan miniatures with paint on them, Every so often I sneak up to the spare room, where I have stashed mine, and have a quick peak - but where to start?

  2. Love the dragon/serpent. I feel your pain with the boiler we have had a nightmare with the one in my sons flat in Glasgow, he doesn't live there. Mind you, you have to ask about a plumber who turns up without washers?

  3. Our boiler packed in the Xmas before last...on Dec 26th no less. Had to wait till after the New Year to get it replaced. Of course, it probably only needed a couple of washers changing, I'm completely clueless when it comes to this sort of thing. Luckily we had an electric shower but otherwise it was a bit of a pain...and very cold!!