Monday, 17 October 2016

What is best in life?

Having 2 great big boxes full of Conan goodies arrive finally, that's what!

Way back in Feb 15 Monolith games' kickstarter for Conan was funded with an expected arrival date of October 15.  It was my first Kickstarter but even so it was pretty obvious that, because of the hugely successful campaign for funding and the never ending stream of Stretch goals, it would take a bit longer.  So, a year later it has finally arrived....and there's a lot of it.

Both boxes

The stretch goals box

...and the main game

I went with the Barbarian level pledge which was the 'standard' level.  Today a huge box containing the game arrived,  along with another large box just for the extras.   So far I've just peaked inside but what I've seen looks excellent.  More to follow when I get a chance to go through both boxes....


  1. Very excited when mine arrived, sadly Mrs. Awdry looked less impressed!

    1. Deliver to work... smuggle into home, add to the pile. Simples

    2. I work from home! The big box that they both came in would have been pretty hard to disguise...

  2. Still waiting for my boxes. Not had a shipping email yet :-(

  3. I'm waiting for mine to arrive too. Very envious!

  4. Don't like board games but this looks interesting!

  5. I'm up for giving the game a try at Guildford when you have waded through it...