Sunday, 11 September 2016

Colours 2016

I haven't been to Colours or a couple of  years so yesterday I headed off down a very wet M4 to Newbury. The show changed last year (I think) from a 2 day to a 1 day show...I'm not sure what affect this has had on the dynamics of the show but it seemed to be pretty busy when I arrived at lunchtime and was still going strong when I left at 3.

I hadn't gone with a shopping list in mind...I think my parting words to my wife were 'no, there's nothing I'm gong to buy'.  Fatal really...

So the eventual haul included...

The Starter set for the Tanks game from GF9 with some extra tanks (because you can never have enough...)
Some MDF bases
A copy of Michael Howard's 'The Franco-Prussian War'
Some basing stuff from Vallejo and some tufty bits of grass
A copy of Sharp Practice 2 + cards
The last issue of Wargames Illustrated as well as the October issue nothing at all really.... honest dear...

The show was good fun... some excellent looking games on display as always.  Here is a selection of photos.  As usual I haven't always noted what they were or who they were by so apologies to people who put on excellent games and have gone uncredited...

WW2 Russo-Finnish game by Loughton Strike Force...loved the iced-in ship.

Frostgrave (Maidstone & District)

Dux Bellorum?

Excellent 54mm modern Africa game

Really interesting looking Siege of Portsmouth game by Solent Wargames 2mm

Invasion of Fishguard - Tring Wargames Club

Boshin Wars game  - Solent Wargames Club.  Using Sharp Practice

Kut...Adrian Shepherd.  Looked fantastic and was using 'Setting the East Ablaze' rules

Kut again

...and can tell I liked this one!

Naval Wargames Society's excellent RCW Dvina River game

Achtung Gringo by Crush the Kaiser games
Crawley Wargames Club - Operation Overlord strategic level game...looked great.

Something Warhammery by the South London Warlords...looked very impressive but I
always find these games are so full of figures I can't make sense of what's going on

There were lots more games which I failed to snap including an interesting looking Franco-Prussian War game, a modern Black Ops game and many more.  It was nice to see some participation games of Heroes of Normandie going on which I think is an excellent game.  A great day out marred only by annoying traffic jams on the M25 (just for a change) on the way back.


  1. Some lovely tables. And nice haul! By the way, I've had my eye on The Silk Roads for a while and notice you're reading it. Is it as good as its reviews?

  2. Yes...excellent book with an interesting angle on the impact of trade routes from east to west on the spread of religion and commerce. I'm about halfway's quite weighty so I've been reading it in chunks. Recommended.

  3. Looks like an outstanding show!

  4. Yet another blogger at Colours who I failed to meet! Glad you didn't spend anything... ;)

    1. I usually bump into a couple of people I know at Colours but didn't see anyone this year

  5. Couldn't make it again this year - four years since I have been now! Excellent pictures of some interesting games.