Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Winner Takes it All!

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I've bought both Miniature Wargames and Battlegames both separately and then more recently in the combined format, since they first came out, through both good and bad issues.  I'm a fan of the more recent directions in the magazine and now I have even more reason to be a fan!

Each month, tucked in the back pages lies the competition and I like to have a go at this...if the prize is something that appeals then I've often sent off an entry with no success. Admittedly in the past this has been because I've failed to answer the questions correctly, failed to supply my details etc.

But this week an email popped into my inbox from Henry Hyde announcing that I'd won!  The prize in the last issue was £25 worth of stuff from Old Glory so I'll now be going off to peruse their website and see what unnecessary items I can pick up.

Incidentally the MWBG website is now shared with their stablemate Tabletop Gaming magazine which is well worth having a look at if you're a fan of boardgames (which I suspect is most of us).

tabletop-gaming-issue-5(on sale 02/06/2016)

Before I go I'd just like to thank my family, my friends, the dogs for their unswerving support, my agent.......


  1. Well done for winning and I do enjoy reading this mag.

  2. Excellent! I bought Tabletop Gaming but I am too stupid for board games!

  3. Ooh...nice surprise! Enjoy the shopping!

  4. Excellent news - makes up for not winning that TV show....

    1. Not quit the £40k that was on offer but it's a start. I've decided to buy some fuel and supply dumps from Old Glory. They should make useful objective markers and mean that I don't buy more figures that I don't need!