Saturday, 28 May 2016

Northwest Frontier update #1

Over the last couple of weeks I've made a start on my new Northwest Frontier project, tackling a few of the British and Afghan figures.  These are all from the Armies in Plastic 54mm range and my thoughts on how I ended up starting yet another project are here.

I've never tackled any figures in this scale since I randomly daubed some khaki paint over my Airfix Afrika Korps when I was about 8...hopefully there's a slight improvement!  I decided working on 4 at a time seemed like a nice number...not too many that I feel overwhelmed and fairly quickly getting the figures completed.

These are a couple of unpainted figures...they've had a wash with detergent to remove any grease.  I'm never sure if this is really necessary but worry that if I don't do it all the paint will fall off!

And here are a couple more, this time undercoated with a PVA/water mix.  I've never done this with plastic figures before. I usually just undercoat directly but all the online advice seemed to suggest this was a good thing.  It's slightly terrifying watching your nice figure disappear under large blobs of white glue but it does all dry clear and should help protect against paint flaking

A couple of undercoated figures.  The British are undercoated with Army Painter British Khaki and the Afghans in black but I may stick to Khaki for all of them in future.

Some completed figures.  They all had a basic paint job, dipped in Army Painter Shade and then highlighted and matt Varnished (Army Painter again)



...and with completed bases...

And the first batch of Afghans...


  1. They look old school

  2. They look old school

  3. I enjoy AIP fogures very much,,both kinds of luck painting them,,flaking on bayonets etc in spite of pva etc,,they seem to require extra cleaning also,,

    1. The cleaning etc isn't too bad but you're right...swords especially are prone to flaking