Saturday, 28 May 2016

Northwest Frontier update #1

Over the last couple of weeks I've made a start on my new Northwest Frontier project, tackling a few of the British and Afghan figures.  These are all from the Armies in Plastic 54mm range and my thoughts on how I ended up starting yet another project are here.

I've never tackled any figures in this scale since I randomly daubed some khaki paint over my Airfix Afrika Korps when I was about 8...hopefully there's a slight improvement!  I decided working on 4 at a time seemed like a nice number...not too many that I feel overwhelmed and fairly quickly getting the figures completed.

These are a couple of unpainted figures...they've had a wash with detergent to remove any grease.  I'm never sure if this is really necessary but worry that if I don't do it all the paint will fall off!

And here are a couple more, this time undercoated with a PVA/water mix.  I've never done this with plastic figures before. I usually just undercoat directly but all the online advice seemed to suggest this was a good thing.  It's slightly terrifying watching your nice figure disappear under large blobs of white glue but it does all dry clear and should help protect against paint flaking

A couple of undercoated figures.  The British are undercoated with Army Painter British Khaki and the Afghans in black but I may stick to Khaki for all of them in future.

Some completed figures.  They all had a basic paint job, dipped in Army Painter Shade and then highlighted and matt Varnished (Army Painter again)



...and with completed bases...

And the first batch of Afghans...