Sunday, 28 February 2016

Cavalier 16

The first show of the year for me is always short hop round the M25 and A21.  It's a nice sized show based in a local Leisure Centre in Tonbridge and usually has a decent turn out of traders and games.

This year was no exception...the show seemed reasonably busy when I got there around lunch time.  I'd had a few items on my shopping list...none of them essential for any ongoing projects, just things I'd spotted and been tempted by.  In the event I only picked up one of them and bought something I hadn't planned for (well...there's a surprise!)

I bought a set of the Oil storage tanks from the new Team Yankee range.  These should go well with some of my modern Afghan/Middle East terrain including an oil derrick and make a suitable target for blowing up.  I recently picked up set of the newish Osprey rules Black Ops so these will be handy for covert sabotage games.

I also succumbed and bought a copy of The Great War. the Memoir 44 variant game.  I've fancied this for some time and spotted it at a reduced price so I couldn't really say no...of course this wasn't on my shopping list!

I nearly bought some of the Ironclad miniatures VBCW armed miners...I've occasionally played games in this period at Eric the Shed's VBCW games but had no great plans to build forces.  The figures are really nice though and, coming from Lanarkshire, the thought of bolshie miners appeals.  I didn't buy them but am already regretting it...I can see these being on the list for Salute!  I was also tempted by more Heroes of Normandie stuff ...a Pegasus Bridge supplement and one from the French resistance, and the Warfighter modern card game.  I managed to resist the HoN stuff...I already have quite a bit and have more ordered via the recent Kickstarter.  The Warfighter game looks tempting but although they had various supplements for it, I couldn't find an actual set of the rules...probably just as well!

Apart from shopping there were a number of games photos I'm afraid.  There were a couple of interesting looking participation games...a Zulu game which seemed to be based on Saga, and the Crawley Wargames Stretcher Bearer game which I played at SELWG and which is great fun.  Apart from that there were a range of games all looking very fine but I forgot to actually take any pictures!  The Bring and Buy seemed pretty busy when I popped by but I didn't spot any bargains sadly

I also bumped into Ray (link) who also seemed to be resisting the urge to spend too much.


  1. Afraid I failed not to spend too much Alastair, great to meet up again though!

  2. Had the good intention of going but failed at the last minute...

    We will be doing more VBCW later this year so the mining unit will be a good addition...

    speak to Berlin for a week

    1. Having resisted buying them at Cavalier I promptly weakened and ordered them yesterday!

  3. One of the chaps who helped run the Zulu SAGA game has posted up some pics of the game on his blog Looks like a great show!

    1. It looked like a really interesting game and a good Saga variant. Thanks for the link