Thursday, 7 January 2016

Armies Army Kickstarter

The Cold War seems to be the thing that all the cool kids are playing these days and over at the Armies Army site Keith has a Kickstarter live for what looks like an excellent range of BAOR troops and Soviets. His Kickstarter is running till 4th February but has already shot past it's target and the list of add-on's are growing.

I have some Cold War stuff in 1:300 which hasn't seen the light of day for a long time but 15mm would be ideal for Chain of Command...hmmm....I haven't signed up yet but my mouse is hovering!!

The kickstarter can be found... here


  1. You should talk to Rolf about his 15mm range...he has a load of stuff for this period...

  2. What's not to like....:-)
    Click away....

  3. Not my scale, but they look rather tasty.