Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Quatre Bras

I suspect wargamers around the world are digging out figures and boardgames for the 200th anniversary and staging re fights of some or all of the 100 days campaign.  My local club at Guildford are holding a huge Waterloo game on Saturday over several large tables and using Black Powder rules, which I was due to attend.  Sadly real life has intruded and I'll be off visiting uni's with my son instead...oh well, such are the joys of parenting!

Instead on Monday I ventured over to Eric's Shed for a Black Powder re fight of Quatre Bras.  As usual Eric had arranged an excellent huge game, again using Black Powder.  These are an excellent set of rules for games where not everyone is familiar with the set up...although there are some technicalities to get used to they are pretty intuitive and fast moving.  As many people have also played Warmaster in the past which they borrow heavily from, this adds to the convenience.

There will be a write up with much better piccies over at Eric's Blog in due course so I'll leave the details of the game to him.  There were 6 of us all told, with a 7th for part of the game including other regular visitor Legatus :  in a large game like this it's remarkable how quickly you lose track of what's going on elsewhere on the table and only focus on your sector.  My role was to hold the British flank and try and delay Johns Imperial Guard seizing the crossroads which turned into a bloody stalemate but at least held them off.  Other stuff happened elsewhere in the centre and the right flank but I was a bit distracted by the hordes of infantry facing me and some very bloodthirsty Lancers who made mincemeat of several of my units.  An excellent game fought out to a bloody result.

Now stand back and wait for the wave of Waterloo 200 blog posts!!

The British right flank arrive

and at the other end of the hill the infantry slug it out

The very battered Highlanders are driven back...
the Rifles are about to be ridden down by the Lancers


  1. Hard luck old chap on missing Saturday, but it looks like you made up for it at Quatre Bras. I'll be getting my own beak wet on Saturday. Best of luck with the university hunt.

  2. I really enjoyed Quatre Bras too. I am just trying to resist buying 10mm Napoleonics!