Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ospreys at WH Smiths

I popped into  Sutton this morning to drop off my phone which had mysteriously died yesterday...hopefully it'll be repaired in a week or 2 and in the meantime I'm using my old phone which, although it's only about 4 or 5 years old feels positively ancient!

I checked in at WH Smiths and discovered that there is a new one of what I initially thought was one of those endless part-work collections but in this case it does look useful.  Battles of World War II is a reissue of Osprey titles and For the opener they have packaged Poland 1939 and France 1940 together for £4.99.

These were previously issued in this format in 2009 to mark 70 years since the start of the war and some are being re-released to mark the end.  I've hunted around and couldn't find a lot of info but these seem to be being issued in this double title format for 6 monthly issues.  Worth looking out for!

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