Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Home Guard

After the great painting drought of the last few months  have finally managed to get some paint on the brush and start painting things!

In line with my preference for elite cutting edge troops I've been working on some British Home Guard which I plan to use with Chain of Command. 

Too Fat Lardies have released loads of suggested army lists for various forces for CoC including the Home Guard who, as you can imagine have a range of unusual weapons at their disposal including Milk Churn Mines and Bed Sheets to hide behind.  There are also some interesting National Characteristics including "Your not from round here..." and "I went to Bisley you know..." which give assorted bonuses.

Perhaps not the most hard-core fighting force but certainly more interesting than many and they should give some interesting "Went the Day Well" type scenarios.  At a push they could also double for BEF as long as no one looks too closely!