Thursday, 1 January 2015

The best laid plans...

I deliberately didn't set myself any plans for 2014 as I'd proved singularly rubbish at this in 2013.  So, despite knowing I'll probably come unstuck, here are some ideas for the new year....

  • Finish the Early WW2 armies for Chain of Command (British and Belgian/French...the Germans are largely done)

  • Paint the figures from the Across the Dead Earth Kickstarter  I bought into last year...something I've just realised I hadn't posted about so I must remedy that soon.

  • Rebase (and actually use!) my Aztec/Conquistadors....I've just picked up a set of "Irregular Wars"which look ideal for this period.  Again I'll need to post some thoughts on the rules as well.

  • Wars of the Roses using Lion Rampant and my new Perry figures.

That's more!  Actually getting any of these done would be a major achievement and I suspect I'll be back here in a year admitting to having made little or no progress!  Of course there are a couple of other ideas kicking about in the back of my brain so I may well get sidetracked as well...

Oh, and a slightly belated Happy Hogmanay to everyone!!!


  1. Good luck with the plans mate.

  2. I am definitely not going to buy any more models until I have painted and based the ones I currently have. That's definite, unalterable decision, no ifs and buts, honestly, right.....

  3. I'm not going to buy any more models either! I need to restrict my plans too! WotR with Lion Rampant sounds good though!

  4. Chain of Command game down at the club?