Monday, 22 December 2014

High Noon

I finally managed to get back to the club this week after my enforced break due to not driving.  As it was the last week before xmas it was the traditional large multi-player game.  Although there have been a few variations in the last few years (a multi-layer SCW World of Tanks style game for example) it's often Steve's cowboy game and this year was no exception.

The game uses the popular Rules with No Name and Steve's large collection of buildings from the Whitewash City range.

Each player had a single character with a vague scenario of a local gang facing off against some mean Mexicans.  As it was xmas we also had a couple of club members kids along for the game as's an ideal introduction providing they don't mind being shot!

A natural talent for mindless violence was on display from one of the youngsters who lobbed a stick of dynamite at my character within the first turn!  Somehow I managed to survive and was able to take a shot back, wounding him and leaving him to be finished off by a team mercy!

The game also featured a player drunkenly riding a horse drawn wagon through the town and randomly trying to punch people in his hooch-induced rage and another Mexican player repeatedly wounding and then robbing other characters in a one man crime spree.

By the end of the game the Mexicans had wiped out all of the opposing gang and the solitary lawman that was trying bravely to uphold law and order (as well as a few random civilians and a dog).  Great fun and an ideal multiplayer game.


  1. Looks like the perfecy Christmas outing.... :-)

  2. It's an ideal system for this type of game....easy to pick up and everyone gets involved very quickly with plenty of of options to introduce another character if you've been shot!