Tuesday, 11 November 2014

4 Go Mad in Dorset part 2

As promised, highlights of the last day of our recent trip to Dorset.  I clearly have a very understanding wife who agreed to drop me off at the Tank Museum at Bovington for a couple of hours while she took the dogs off for a long walk...for some reason the attractions of hundreds of tanks seemed to elude her!!  Funnily enough when I commented on Facebook about where I'd been there was a very clear gender split [with one exception] with comments ranging from 'the dullest museum ever...', to .ooh...my favourite...'.  I'm guessing that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone!

If you haven't been to Bovington it's really worth visiting.  I went during half-term so the museum was full of families trying to occupy the kids with a smattering of strange men wandering around admiring the tanks [I put myself in the latter category...]

The museum is chock full of tanks from Little Willie through to present day Challengers etc, themed in a couple of main halls.  I spent the time wandering around feeling quietly smug when I identified the tanks before seeing the information board , which happened surprisingly more often than I expected. It was surprising [to me at least] to compare the relative sizes of the tanks... some surprisingly small and others terrifyingly huge.

Here are a selection of photos from the day, in no particular order.....


erm...big tank...



Rolls Royce a/c


SdKfz 251

Somua...love the paintwork!

Aww...diddy little Tank!  Oh, ok...Goliath.







Leopard C2



Little Willie



Char B1

Mark VI

Caro Veloce L3/33


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  1. Oddly my wife took me last year and enjoyed it. She ended up being shown around inside the Tiger by the Museum's technical director when I had wandered off somewhere else! Grr!

    Great photos!