Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Not a lot's been happening....

So there's been a bit of a lull in the blogging activity...a combination of work and tiredness has left me a bit demotivated.  There's a half painted post-apocalypse tube train sitting on the dining room table which has been there for a few weeks with only an undercoat to show any progress [I wonder how may dining rooms have such 'interesting' ornaments!].  I  also haven't made it along to my local club for several weeks due to a mix of bank holidays, appointments and family stuff, so there isn't even any gaming to report on!

Currently on the workbench are the post-apocalypse scenery and a few Copplestone figures to go with it.  I'd bought into the Across the Dead Earth kickstarter and although the figures and rules aren't scheduled for release until later in the year they've sent out a PDF 'Living rulebook' as a taster and as a way of developing the rules.  I haven't had a chance to read them properly yet but they look interesting.

The other figures adorning the dining room are the minion set from Crooked Dice for their 7TV game... so far they've been glued into their slotta bases and need their heads fixing.  My wife's remarkably tolerant of the state of the table!!!

Occasional readers of the blog may have seen previous posts in which I've mentioned the growing collection of Role Playing games that I seem to have been accumulating.  The most recent [an most playable I think] has been Pathfinder which struck me  as a really good updating of the D&D system into something that plays simply but has as much depth as you want in a game.

I've acquired quite a few old games from Fantasy Games Unlimited and the latest is Chivalry and Sorcery... I seem to remember playing this once or twice when I was at Uni and enjoying it but it was also ridiculously complicated [like may FGU games].  My memory hasn't let me down... the three books of dense text include tables for practically everything but it does have a great atmosphere and we're looking at a  Dark Ages style setting with little or no magic [mainly because I gave up on the magic section as it's stupidly complex!]

I also picked up a set of the 1st edition of the Warhammer Role Playing System... now I missed  out completely on Warhammer when I was younger... I had a bit of a break from gaming when I left  uni and went out into the Wild World [in '86] just at the time the WH was beginning it's rise to power.  By the time my son discovered it I had become immune to the lure of GW stores although I can see the attraction, especially to younger gamers with it's whole, ready-made world and setting and, lets be honest, some lovely figures.  At 16 my son in now moving out of his GW phase so we'll see if he sticks with the hobby [or should that be THE HOBBYtm ]

I'd read lots about the RPG version of Warhammer and everyone seemed to enthuse about the 1stt and 2nd editions, but not the most recent 3rd edition from Fantasy Flight Games so a quick dabble on Ebay picked up a cheap set... it looks like a really promising system with enough darkness and squalor to give an unusual background and what looks like a good skill/career system.  I haven't done more than read bits of the rules but so far so good!

Anyway, here's hoping some motivation and energy comes my way sometime soon!!


  1. Your mojo will return
    come over to the shed one night
    you know how to reach me

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