Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Assorted updates


At the beginning of the year I thought about having some kind of plan to stop me going off in random directions.  So far it’s been fairly on track... the 2 main projects were going to be based around In Her Majesty’s Name: one based around a Darkest Africa theme and the other looking at a post-apocalypse adaption.

Chain of Command and Donnybrook have come along in the meantime and steered me a little bit off course but I’ve not done too badly.  Of course Salute is coming up so who knows what might tempt me there.

The Darkest Africa project is coming along well... I’m working my way through the box of Foundry explorers I mysteriously found in the loft and have nearly finished off some North Star Cannibals.

I haven’t started on the Post Apocalypse setting yet but have just picked up a couple of packs of Copplestone Future Wars figures to form the basis of the survivors.  Annoyingly I’d seen a really nice piece of scenery down at my local 'Pets at Home'... a piece of aquarium scenery bizarrely shaped like a very 50’s style atom bomb [I’m sure the fish would love it!?]  Stupidly I hummed and hawwed about buying it and it’s no longer being stocked...bugger!  I’ve checked with various branches and online and can’t source one anywhere...If anyone comes across one please let me know.


I have succumbed to a Kickstarter project for the first time!  Across the Dead Earth is a new interesting looking post-apocalypse game from Mike and Rich Chappell.  I came across references to it in various other blogs and they’ve been running regular updates here...
The plans for figures look ideal for what I’d been planning and the rules look as though they unusually have a British setting... the illustration of a ruined Tescos finally clinched it and I’ve signed up, admittedly for one of the more modest options.  The release date is planned for August.

Dust tactics might be tempting [especially the Gorillas] but I’m reserving judgement till I’ve had a game.

I have been increasingly tempted by 7TV... the  kind of hard to define game from Crooked Dice.  It’s probably best summed up by British 60s style Spy/Sci-Fi series like The Avengers, Department S etc but can also be used for James Bond style adventures, crime thrillers etc. 

There are a few additional supplements around for Zombies [boo!] and Ray Harryhausen style Sinbad type adventures [yay!].   It uses the TV theme to structure the episodes  as a TV production and has a host of gadgets and abilities to confuse the opposition.

I’ve been eyeing this up for a while and have finally given in and ordered the rule book...more on this once I’ve had a chance to peruse it.
And on a completely random note I've just started an online course via the Future Learn project linked to Kings College London on 'Causes of War'.  Future  Learn offer a whole range of courses for free, linked to uni's around the country....I've recently learned a lot about Forensic Science, handy for when I need to dispose of the bodies!!  I'm not sure the Causes of War course will help my gaming at all but it sounds interesting.  Info on Future Learn is here...


  1. Hi Alastair

    What an eclectic mix of projects you have going on !

    You could try the aquatic centre at the chessington garden centre for your bomb

    Interesting Kickstarter...

    I also received info about the Future Learn project - just haven't got the time (yet)

    Caught up with Legatus at the Guildford show last week and invited him over to shed - if you are interested as well drop me a line.


  2. Cheers Eric... I think by 'eclectic' you really mean totally unfocused :)

    I'll give the Chessington centre a try...there are a lot of interesting aquarium ornaments out there that have lots of potential. Glad you caught up with Legatus... I missed the show at Guildford. Always happy to venture over to your shed...

  3. I've got the Sinbad rules! haven't thought about what to do with them yet though!

    I've got a lot of Copplestone Future wars and I have even painted a couple of dozen. Don't know what to do with them though either!

  4. That's a really nice bomb terrain piece > must keep an eye out for it...

    1. Seems to be available here

    2. Unfortunately when you get to the checkout it tells you there's none in stock. I've just come across one in ebay though!

  5. I have been chatting with the Across the Dead Earth crew and it does look like an excellent project. The Chapell brothers are splendid chaps and on of their model makers is a friend of mine. I shall look forwards to seeing your opinion of their game when it arrives.