Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sedition Wars...I think I've done my back in!

I finally got round to unpacking the Sedition Wars boxed set which I'd been given by a very generous club member who couldn't face the prospect of painting all the figures!

The game seems to be a Space Hulk style game of Sci Fi Horror with Humans vs Techno-Alien horrors [looking quite like GW Tyranids]

The game comes with  human and alien squads and a host of tokens and counters [not all of which I've worked out yet].  The figures are multi part and require some assemble... mostly this seems fairly straightforward but a couple are more complicated... a human in exo-skeleton armour and the larger squidgy monster style aliens.

There are a host of jiffy bags to unpack with figures, tokens etc and a set of heavy card boards which form the outpost battlefield...


Loads of jiffy bags full of stuff!
The set also contains specialist dice, unit cards, a painting DVD [haven't got round to this yet], yet more counters and bizarrely a cloth badge... I'm not sure what I'm meant to do with this but my sewing skills are rubbish so I suspect it'll stay in the box!
The strange cloth patch

I'd thought the box was very full but then discovered that it contained an extra set of the terrain boards as apparently these have a tendency to warp, and a second rule book.
The New Year beckons so this could make a good project... relatively self-contained and not too taxing in terms of the amount of figures... mind you the aliens look a bit daunting to paint!

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