Thursday, 20 June 2013

Missing In Action

There's been a bit of  a lull in the blogging activity over the last month.  No special exciting reasons I'm afraid, just a  combination of work going slightly manic and a trip away to Glasgow.

Since I've been back I've squeezed in another  game of Black Powder, this time using my 6mm armies for the Franco Prussian war.  We played out a game loosely based around the battle of Borny-Colombey, a fairly minor battle from the FPW in which the French were able to claim a victory [kind of... it's a bit debatable] but strategically dealt themselves a crippling blow by ending up with a sizable chunk of their army bottled up in Metz and out of the war.

The game itself was equally indecisive with Dave's French mauling the Prussian columns but taking an equal pasting, leaving both armies fairly battered by the end... fairly historical I think!  Dave did manage to make very effective use of his Mittraileuse [more than the French ever managed in real life] but did eventually manage to break them!

I've been working my way through the card buildings from Stoezels structures [see earlier posts] in preparation for our first game of In Her Majesty's Name at Guildford....more shortly.

Bookwise I managed to get hold of a copy of General of Fortune: the story of One Armed Sutton by Charles Drage. 

For anyone with an interest in the Back of Beyond theatre, Sutton is one of those totally larger than life characters that would seem unbelievable if you came across him in a film.  From rail and bridge building in South America, a spell in Gallipoli [where he discovered he could throw Turkish grenades back before they exploded...erm... until one went off, hence the name!], developing the Stokes mortar and gold mining in Siberia and the Russo-Chinese border, just as the revolution rode into town.  He then carved out a career as an advisor to assorted Chinese Warlords, leading armies and evading capture on a regular basis.  His fortunes rose and fell and he sadly ended his days in a Japanese POW camp.  A really unbelievable life and full of inspiration for any BoB gamers,

We've also begun to catch up with Season 2 of Game of Thrones and I'm trying to keep ahead of the game by reading book 3,

Anyway.... more regular blogging is promised soon.  I'll try and get an account of the IHMN game up soon and we have a Force on Force game planned for next week.

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  1. Good to hear sir, I especially like the sound of the book.