Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tinsel, turkey and tantrums... It must be Xmas!

Well, that's Xmas done and dusted, and hopefully everyone got some shiny new toys to play with. We're up visiting family in rainy Rutherglen so no opportunities for games (unless I can sneak onto my son's Xbox.

I didn't as we were saving our pennies and putting them towards a new iPad.  If anyone has any good recommendations for war gaming related apps please let me know... I've already spotted that there are versions of Carcassone and Settlers of Catan available but any other ideas welcome,

I say no pressies but I did treat myself to a copy of Neil Thomas' rules for 19th Century war games.  I've always found this period fascinating.... It seems such a momentous period of change for Europe and yet is relatively unknown (outside of the war gaming world of course).  Up until now I've used Black Powder for the FPW but I've had very good reports so fingers crossed.  I 'll update once we've managed a game.

We're up in Glasgow for the hols so a trip to Static Games will probably also be in order for more things I don't really need!

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