Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Masterplan

I thought it might be a good idea to try and quantify some of the wargaming ideas that have been germinating for several years but steadily going nowhere... I always knew going on the Project Management course would pay off!

 Category 1 [actually doing something about these!]
  • Samurai ... 6mm Baccus figures
  • Franco-Prussian/Risorgimento/Franco-Austrian... 6mm again with Baccus minis
  • Zulus/British.... and once again, Baccus
               ....been using Black Powder for all of these
  • SAGA...  28mm Gripping Beast figures
  • Musket and Tomahawk... 15mm Blue Moon/Peter Pig
  • Force on Force – Afghanistan... 15mm Peter Pig
  • Ottomans/Hungarians... 15mm Essex.  Part of a plan to build up Renaissance armies, initially using DBA or Maximillian but eventually [if we get round to it] expanding to something bigger....maybe Pike and Shotte?

Category 2 [kind of started but not really got very far]

  • WW2 in 28mm using Warlord miniatures.  Probably going to use Bolt Action rules for this but I also picked up a set of Normandy Firefight earlier this year which I still haven’t played.
  • WW2... assorted 6mm figures.  In theory my son and I are going to use Kampgruppe Normandy for these.
  • Aztec/Conquistador... I have some 20mm figures and acquired a load more on Ebay... one day I’ll get round to doing something with them!

Category  3 [not played for a while and could do with some attention...]

  • Spanish Civil War... 15mm with Peter Pig figures.  Still trying to find a good set of rules.  So far I’ve tried I Ain’t Been Shot Mum and Blitzkrieg Commander both of which I like but I’m still not sure I’ve found the right set.
  • AK47 with 15mm Peter Pig figures

  • Russian Civil War... 20mm figures...mainly HaT.  Played several games of Red Actions with these but haven’t given them an outing for a while
  • Back of Beyond Russian and Chinese armies ... Copplestone 28mm.  Used Contemptible Little Armies for these but looking for another ruleset.

  • WW2 Naval... coastal forces in 1:600...Action Stations rules
  • Modern [1980s NATO/Warpac] in 6mm... Cold War Commander
  • WW2 Air in 1:300 using Bag the Hun
  • WW1 Air... Wings of War
  • ACW Ironclads in 1:1200.  Not sure what make the models are as I acquired them on Ebay.  Peter Pig’s Hammering Iron are a great set of rules for this period.
  • DBM... I don’t really like DBM [although I really like DBA!] and have Italian Condotta and Swiss armies.  Really need to find a better set of rules.
There are also assorted boardgames etc that I haven't counted and I do have a nagging feeling that I've missed something!

 So... what does all this tell me???  I clearly have no attention span whatsoever and am far too tempted to dabble.  There are also lots of projects that get moved on to a playable stage but then don’t expand much more and don’t get played with often enough.  I need to try and remember this next time I see something shiny at a wargames show!!!!


  1. Heh, heh! What it tells me is never write all your possible projects down!

    I played Back of Beyond with Contemptible Little Armies and just found it too relentlessly bloody -swathes of casualties per turn. I was wondering about getting the new Ospre inter-war set: A World Aflame

  2. Agreed... I have a strong liking for Chris Peers' rules but the casualty rates are pretty horrendous. It's one of the things I liked about Red Actions. There's a lot of firing, running away and then plucking up the courage to fire again but not too many actual casualties.

    I've had a read through the Osprey rules and they look pretty interesting and very affordable.

  3. Blimey that's a lot of stuff to get through. Go for the 15mm Musket and Tommahawk first!

    1. Too much stuff... there may be a reason why I never get anything finished! I've just remembered the 1:3000 WW2 naval stuff as well...sigh...

  4. Its an unwritten rule

    right it down, stick to your project list, 32 seconds later forget about it. Repeat often

  5. I've nominated you for the latest blog award...

    1. Why thank you Stephen... I'll have to consider who to nominate next!