Monday, 12 October 2015

Disappearing photos

I noticed today that a lot of my older posts seem to have lost their photos!  Some, but not all, of my posts have a greyed out 'no entry' sign where the photos should be.  Curiously this doesn't seem to have happened to all of the though.

Does anyone know what might have gone wrong?  Have I gone over some limit on photo numbers?


  1. You may well have done - there is a storage limit on Picasa and I guess they remove the oldest ones when you reach it, However, photos under a certain size (I don't recall the exact dimensions) don't count towards it - that's why I resize all of my pics to 800 x 600 pixels. Alternatively you can pay a fee to upgrade your storage limit.

    1. Blimey. Didn't know that! Shall have to be a bit more careful!

    2. Would Flickr be any use instead of Pixiv? As far as I know, there's no storage limit there. I use Flickr to store my photos on but I don't know whether you can hot link to them or not.

      Might be worth considering?

  2. Looks like it may be partly down to the security settings on Picasa. I've changed this but only some of my photos are backed up there (I thought it automatically backed them all up on Picasa). Not sure it's retrievable as a lot of them had been uploaded direct from my phone which has recently been reset due to a fault...oh well..... :(

  3. it is a storage issue on blogger - there is a finite limit. I ended up exhausting this in a year (pic heavy blog) - I started using photobucket all my pics are there with links to the blog. You get some free space on photobucket but used this up as well.

    My sub to photobucket is about £16 /year - at current rates I'll fill this space up in five years from now.

  4. I pay for the extra storage space. It's only £5 a year.