Thursday, 10 April 2014

2 days to Salute

 A quiet week or 2... I played an excellent game of "Spy or Die trying" at the club, thanks to Mike... a very entertaining spy based game in which the players have to cooperate and sneak around the enemy base gathering tokens and preventing the evil villain from building his Doomsday device.

I'm not sure we entirely got the concept of cooperation, and we certainly didn't get the sneaky aspect of the game... the whole thing was more of a Die Hard style bloodbath with slaughtered minions everywhere.  Bizarrely, just as we thought we'd scraped a draw, we discovered that we'd actually won!

It's an entertaining game but blimey... aren't board games like that expensive!!

Pre-Salute planning is now underway...I've pre-ordered some bits from Ainsty Castings for 7TV and plan on picking up a few Copplestone Future Wars figures for the Post Apocalypse plans but that's about it.  Looks like I might be minus my son for the first time in several Salutes...there's  some serious GCSE revision going on in our house!!

Of course there's no guarantee that I'll stick to my spending plan!!! There's also the Bloggers gathering [is there a collective noun for bloggers?] at lunchtime which I missed last year: I aim to put in an appearance there if I can.

Doubtless there will be photos and feedback galore after Saturday...along with half the bloggers in the South East!


  1. You failed to mention the somewhat dubious actions of "double crossing" or attempting to when your mini skirted lady headed for the main doors.....

  2. Some top spending plans there. Wish I could be there for the bloggers meet up but I'm in France, so it's off the radar. :o(

  3. Keith... obviously there was no double crossing intended. ..I was just, erm, securing the exit...