Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Chain of Command again..somewhere in Russia

There’s been a bit of a lull in blogging activity for the last couple of weeks... I told you getting a dog would get in the way of everything!!

 No game last week but this week I had another game of Chain of Command with Andrew at the club.  It was his first outing with the rules and I suspect he found them quite frustrating but that may have been more to do with his rubbish dice throwing rather than the rules themselves!

 We pitted a German platoon against Soviets with the Germans trying to break through to the enemy baseline.  Despite his rubbish dice Andrew actually did a good job as the Russians holding me off despite taking horrendous casualties... fairly accurate for Russia in 1941 I suspect! 
The usual CoC pattern of troops bogging down in cover and exchanging fire at close range happened again but there was a bit of movement from each sides armour and I suspect if we’d had time the German Pz38t would have eventually made the breakthrough and forced its way across the table.  As it was we ended with a draw with the Germans still only half way across the table and the few remaining Soviets falling back into the woods to try and survive and continue delaying the enemy advance.


 Next week I’m trying out Dust Tactics for the first time...
I’ve never really got to grips with ‘Weird WW2’ type games... my son and I once tried a really boring demo game of Secrets of the Third Reich at Cavalier during which we wandered off after half an hour of nothing happening [I don’t think anyone else noticed...certainly not the people who'd put on the game who were having a great time but not exactly facilitating a good participation game...grrr...].  The last issue of Wargames Illustrated had a free rules summary/advert and of course I walked straight into their trap! 
A friend at the club has some forces so we’ve arranged a game.   I’ not a fan of zombies but I think it was the Nazi Gorillas that sold the idea to me...everything's better with Monkeys!



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