Sunday, 27 October 2013

Undercoating the Germans

We're currently battened down bracing ourselves for the Storm of the Millenium [or something like that] which is due to hit the SE any minute now... currently we're under Amber alert which seems to mean it's a bit rainy!

I've made a start on the Early War Germans which I picked up at SELWG a couple of weeks ago.  I'd splashed out on some of the Plastic Soldier Company sprays which supposedly give very good coverage.  I bought a can of the German Field grey and a Khaki spray [I think it's British uniform] which will be used on the French/Belgians which my son is painting.

The verdict so far is pretty good.... the paint covers really well and looks pretty much on the money in terms of the right shade of grey.

The vehicles are from Zvesda's snap-together, very affordable kits

So far I've only got as far as applying the base coat but I'm quite impressed with the effectiveness of the spray.... anything that shortens the pain of painting is good news for me!!


  1. I've realised the photos make the spray look a lot more like khaki...I guess it must be the lighting. In reality it's much more of a greeny-grey.

  2. Thats good....otherwise Id think it was crap :)