Thursday, 5 September 2013

A double helping of IHMN....

I've had a few weeks break from gaming apart from the new Star Wars RPG and a game of Kingmaker  which took place over several nights on holiday (and about which the less said the better!) but we've made up for that with 2 games of In Her Majesty's Name in 2 days!

Game # 1 

This took place at Guildford and pitted my opponent Anthony's British rifle company against Professor Moriarty and his steam powered automatons (automata?) backed up with my shiny new steam tank from Ironclad Miniatures.

The very thin red line

One of the illegal Prussian Automatons
The British company was pretty much straight from the rules.  Moriarty was beefed up with martial arts and mesmerism and was 'inspirational'.  He was accompanied by 2 fanatical humans [one equipped with a couple of hand grenades... presumably with 'bomb' written on them] and the steam automatons.

The British gallantly lined up in the street, hoping their skilled rifle fire would provide enough cover for a couple of them to make off with the objectives... a tactic which came unstuck under heavy machine gunfire from the robots.  The redcoats were quickly mown down by the tank and the robots...Moriarty skulked around in the shadows until he emerged and tried to use his Mesmerism on the last soldier...sadly this wasn't a success so we had to resort to shooting him instead!

Messrs May, Clarkson and Hammond inspect the
latest Armoured Steam Carriage

I have to confess here that I'd made an error and my machine gun toting robots should have cost more points than I'd calculated... I should have paid extra for them to be "strong" which would have allowed them to carry the MGs in 2 hands, or perhaps downgraded the lethality of the guns. Anthony could therefore claim the moral victory despite his Redcoats running away like a bunch of girls!

Game #2

Having unloaded the scenery and figures from the car today, my son and I decided to have a game this evening (a last hurrah before school resumes tomorrow for him!).  He hadn't played before but that was no guarantee of an easy ride!  This time I took the Servants of Ra while he fielded the Scotland Yard squad backed up with Holmes and Watson.

The carbine toting Special Branch officers sensibly took up a position behind a wall and some barrels as the Cultists charged down the street at them, led by their Mummy.  The cult leader Akhenaton and Professor Abir hid behind the leading wave.  Sairah, the mystical assassin daughter of the Professor used her magical talents to appear on the warehouse rooftop (using the Path of Shadows ability) and then mystically "blinked" again, appearing by the Chief Inspector!  A flash of her daggers hit him but he managed to pass his Pluck roll (despite the poisoned blades) and he promptly came back with a stiff upper cut, laying her out cold!  I should have taken this as a sign of things to come...

Special Branch and Holmes take cover behind the wall

The cultists continued to fall to some smart shooting from the police before everyone managed to get close enough for a massive bundle.  The magical professor tried to hypnotise one of the police but only succeeded in giving himself a migraine and falling over.  He managed to clamber to his feet next turn only to be picked off by one of the crack shots behind the wall. 

The two sides advance

The game then descended into a mass brawl with everyone proving surprisingly rubbish at actually finishing off their opponents, even when the Police tried mobbing the Egyptians and trying to swamp them with superior numbers.


Police brutality!!!

The final brawl
.  The very tough Akhenaton and the equally hard Holmes looked to be set to slug it out all evening but I suspect the Police numbers would eventually have told and won the day had we not run out of time and drawn a veil over the ending.

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  1. This looks excellent. We must have a game once I have one of my factions painted!