Friday, 4 January 2013

The post-Hogmanay guilty planning

First, what did yesternight deliver?
'Another year has gone for ever.'
And what is this day's strong suggestion?
'The passing moment's all we rest on!'
Rest on - for what? what do we here?
Sketch New Year's Day. To Mrs Dunlop - Burns

Well, traditionally this is where I should be reflecting on last year's progress or lack of it and drawing up a set of New Year resolutions and setting out my plans for 2013.

I have to confess I've never been very good at the whole planning thing [which could explain why I often lose games!] but here goes...

Projects lingering on from 2012 that I'm hoping to 'complete' [I know... I know... how many wargamers ever actually complete anything!] include:

  • 6mm Samurai... I got these last xmas and made a good start on painting but haven't moved them on much.

Baccus Samurai...sadly not mine!

  • Finish the Gripping Beast Vikings and Saxons that I acquired for Saga.  I've just spotted that the latest Too Fat Lardies Xmas special has some rules for including Vikings into their Dux Brittanium rules.  I've downloaded the special but have got round to reading it as yet but reviews of DB sound very promising.

  • Finish and add to the Napoleonic figures I have for Sharpe Practice.  The Napoleonic period is one that has always left me cold but I found that I really liked the narrative driven style of SP... much more cinematic and fun.

  • And finally... actually do some painting!  We acquired a dog back in October and since his arrival I haven't painted a thing... mainly due to being knackered due to excessive dog walking.  My stamina seems to have finally caught up so hopefully I can now build back in some painting time

Trigger... the anti-painting dog

I made a start this evening with doing some work on the Saxons while my son made much faster progress on his new Dark Eldar army that he got at xmas [the one consolation is that his painting rate is even worse than mine!!]

Some of the Viking hordes... Saxons to follow...


  1. Nice work, and a handsome dog there you have. Looks quite healthy and built for long walks/runs. Have fun in 2013. Dean

  2. Trigger looks a lean mean walking machine! Our dog, Topaz, is getting on a bit so a 10 minute stroll around the block is as much as she wants to do. It doesn't mean that I get any more painting done unfortunately!

    You have a good set of wargaming projects there, which I will follow with interest.

    I have what I ambitiously call my 'Master Plan' on my blog if you want to take a look.

    Good luck and good gaming in 2013

  3. Luckily he's half greyhound so spends a lot of time snoozing on the sofa! I thought it might be worth setting myself a bit of a target this year as last year was a bit of a lean spell for various reasons (not just dog related)